Designed to support all the needs of an EDU lead generation contact center:

  • Dynamic, compliant and EDU-focused agent script and portal
  • Detailed, custom reporting suite
  • Automated call recording management and custom delivery
  • Full-service campaign management

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Product Highlights
  • Results are homogenized, custom ordered and scored in one platform, increasing quality matches while decreasing call handle times and errors
  • Cost savings through performance-based pricing without the need for a large internal technical team
  • Full API search result integrations with a majority of EDU aggregators
  • Robust routing capabilities based on data sources, agents, schools and more
  • Vendor management for clients, including campaign set-up and updates
  • Simple deployment with minimal technical resource
  • Quality control management through call mining, screen recording and an experienced QA team
  • Dialer integration for routing and call recording management
  • Manage builds, program/campus configurations, updates and more through a single point of contact and dedicated resources
  • Leverages a state-of-the-art proprietary lead management system that supports all campaigns, including Host and Post, API and Link-out